On Wednesday, we had a very well-attended and -received premiere performance of Die Antilope by Johannes Maria Staud, libretto Durs Grünbein. For my part, I can say I thought it was quite successful and it was a good run-through of the piece. Great energy from everyone in the cast. Tonight, we have our second performance, and I really looking forward to giving an even better show without the nerves of the premiere.

The first reviews have started coming out, and they're overwhelmingly positive. Not just for the performers but for the piece as a whole. At the party afterward there were many people who said they wanted to see it a second time, which is a great indication of the enthusiasm with which it was received. I feel really lucky to be a part of the project and am looking forward to the next performances. Above, some photos taken by the talented Tanja Dorendorf of T+T Foto.

If you understand German, or just would like to see and hear a little teaser of the show, here's a trailer from art-tv: