After 3 weeks back home visiting family and traveling all around southern Wisconsin, then further travels to Munich (studies with Richard Trimborn)  and visiting friends, I'm back in Luzern and gearing up for the news season. This year I'm working on Kiss Me, Kate, Cenerentola (again), Carmen, and Don Pasquale. But first, I'm off to Darmstadt for a quick Carmina Burana and In Orbe Rotundo by Enjott Schneider. I did the world premiere of Enjott's "sister piece" to Carmina back in 2010, and it's a pleasure to get to perform the piece again for the 3rd time now! This time with the Darmstädter Residenzspiele. More information here. Looking forward! And if you didn't catch Cenerentola before the season ended, No Worries! We're picking it up again starting September 14th. Further performance dates here.