The premiere performance of La Traviata was a tremendous success for everybody involved. Reviews have been mostly good for the production, but really oustanding for the musical side of the cast. You can find some excerpts in my reviews page. I have to say, it was definitely our best run-through of the piece to-date, and I guess that is always the goal for opening night - to hit all the buttons and make it the best possible version of the show. As you can see in the production photos, Germont is not the typical "slightly greying, distinguished gentleman" that we expect from a more traditional production. Nor is he a manipulative bad-guy character, which is supposedly in fashion now in some updated European productions. Our Germont comes from a more traditional, family and christian-based, simpler community, and in that way, is set far apart from the Parisian atmosphere. Quite an interesting perspective, but at the same time, not a stretch at all from what we get in the libretto. More production photos and a promotional video can be found on the Luzerner Theater website.

We're now on the the second performance tonight. There will be a total of 19 performances until the end of May. Work has now already begun on the next project: Satyricon (Bruno Maderna), in which I have a small role, but it's an exciting new production of our former Assistent Director at the house, Johannes Pölzgutter.